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lists major sites of nature and landscape conservation. We are strongly interested in providing a map of Sites listed in the networks Natura 2000 and Biosphere Reserves, that include Sites of Community Importance in terms of related biological diversity. Despite their possible marginal location, and even though they are roughly unknown, those sites play a very important environmental role: when properly managed, they enhance a significative input to the sustainable development, both ecologically and economically.
With more than 500 nature sites, our maps also display major National or Regional Parks, Nature routes, and Gastro-routes. As from some sites, description may be reported in the national language only.

Nature sites are showed from the above map as flower-icons.
Choose from the above map your best natural site to visit, by clicking it.


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Following, you will also find a selection of news on ecology, environment and sustainable development.

News from Mondoeco

Landscape Development in the Alps
Landscape Development in the Alps
The landscape issue is of increasing importance not only for biodiversity, but also as a resource and location factor for regional economic development and a key element of regional identity in the Alps. In the last 30 years, Alpine regions and landscapes have been facing extensive changes and we...

apr 20, 2015 / Read more »

Networking for Nature
Networking for Nature
In a landmark decision, two of Europe's biggest nature conservation NGO's, the EUROPARC Federation and Eurosite, agreed to come together and form a new united network purpose-built to meet nature’s needs in the years ahead. Both NGOs will invest in the development of a new strategy,...

nov 26, 2012 / Read more »

Best practices for biodiversity in urban areas
Best practices for biodiversity in urban areas
On behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for Environment (FOEN) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), I have the great pleasure to invite you to the side-event “Best practices for biodiversity conservation in European urban areas” during the Eleventh meeting of the...

oct 05, 2012 / Read more »

Periurban parks
Periurban parks
The PERIURBAN Project uses interregional exchange of experiences to improve policies on management of natural periurban areas. It focuses specifically on policy and management solutions to mitigate pressures on biodiversity. Focus on the creation and management of parks in natural periurban areas,...

sep 18, 2012 / Read more »

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