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With more than 200 culture sites,
Mondoeco lists major green festivalsmusic and theatre events that promote the synergy between culture, nature and landscape, providing a special setting to ecologically, culturally sensible and sophisticated travellers. Our maps display also sites from the network Culture Programme born to promote cultural dialogue, knowledge of the history, creation and dissemination of culture, the mobility of artists and their works, European cultural heritage. As well, we give visibility to the Ecomuseum that play and important socio-economic role of culture related to the local nature and landscape.

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Following, you will also find a selection of news on festival and further cultural events focusing on local landscape and sustainable development.

News from Mondoeco

Environmental Education and Sustainable Development
Environmental Education and Sustainable Development
Awareness, information, training, education and cooperation are recognized as driving forces for sustainable development. More than a leverage means, education must be set as a priority in order to be fully represented in the resolution of ecological, economic and social issues. In a dynamic and...

feb 12, 2013 / Read more »

Spiritual tourism in Macedonia
Spiritual tourism in Macedonia
Often only the most determined tourists get there, those who do not give up when they meet the first obstacles. But when (and if) they get there, they find oases of peace and serenity. Macedonia's monasteries, a unique resource for tourism 

nov 15, 2012 / Read more »

The Opera dei Pupi Siciliani
The Opera dei Pupi Siciliani
On 18 May 2001 UNESCO recognised the Opera dei Pupi as a masterpiece of the “oral and intangible world heritage”. The “Theatre” was selected by a jury of 18 members chaired by the Spanish writer Juan Goytisolo. The ancient Sicilian Puppet Theatre art had to endure more than...

nov 17, 2011 / Read more »

Italy for Prehistoric alpine pile dwelling sites
Italy for Prehistoric alpine pile dwelling sites
Since the 2010 Italy is taking part in the trans-national applications project for entries to UNESCO World Heritage list, with a proposal entitled "Prehistoric alpine pile dwelling sites". The project also involves Switzerland (the promoter of the candidature), France, Germany, Austria...

nov 10, 2011 / Read more »

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