Q: How can I join Mondoeco for free?
R: Joining Mondoeco is always free and open to owners/managers of sites willing to take part in our network. We call this option as Standard Option. ATTENTION! Mondoeco Standard Option require owners/managers to apply some eco-features in their sites. For an overview, please click HERE.

Q: Difference between Standard and Special Option is not clear.
R: The Standard Option is the basic way to join Mondoeco. It is out of fee, and it gives a basic visibility to the joining site. The Special Option is the advanced way to join Mondoeco. It is with annual fee, and gives a greater visibility to the joining site. For an overview, please click HERE.


Q: How can I join the Special Option straight away, and gaining a greater visibility?
R: First you will subscribe for the Standard Option. It is the basic joining option of Mondoeco, and it is out of fee. The Standard Option drives you to a personal Managers Corner. From there, you will find an easy way to joining the Special Option via PayPal. To get the Registration form, please click HERE.

Q: I have installed faucet flow regulators and shower flow reducers, can I join the network?
A: Mondoeco requires you to employ at least two measures out of seven eco categories, so e.g. Flow regulators (category water saving) and cfl bulbs or diodic bulbs (category energy saving). We, therefore, suggest you fulfill another measure beloging to a second category to fulfill our requirements and to join mondoeco.

Q: I empoly several eco friendly measures: how can the customer be sure that he meets what he expects? Other managers may say they fulfill the requirements but they actually do not.  How will it be possible to track locations that give empty promises?
A: Mondoeco does not control directly the registered farm stays, b&b's, hotels and inns. We rely on a self control approach (which btw, makes it cheaper for our customers to join the network, we do not have to build up a control system). Everyone is invited to give feedback to any single location, if we learn about discrepancies between advertised measures and implemented measures we'll take action which can even lead to the exclusion of such structures.

Q: I have implemented solar pannels, I fulfill minergy standards, use CFL bulbs, recycling and water recreation – measures beloging to 5 categories others „only“ have cfl bulbs and tap areators how can I benefit form so much sustainability efforts?
A: Mondoeco not only focuses on established „sustainable“ hotel chains or already very ecologically thinking structures and their managers. On aim is to raise awareness and to point out that little measures are of importance as well – better small measures than no measures at all. However, for very eco strucutres we grant the „very eco“ icon which will allow to differentiate such structures that employ measures belonging to more than 4 categories from strucutres that are in the build up phase and „only“ empoly measures from 4 and less categories.

Q: I have cfl bulbs and tap aerators but only in a part of my rooms – can I still join?
A: Yes, currently we do not measure the quantitiy of energy reduction you do but the efforts you put into making your strucuture more sustainable. Therefore, if you have only parts of your facility equipped with those measures it is OK to join but we count on the common sense and green spirit of the managers and hope they will stradily increase the amount as well as the qualtiy of their green measures.

Q: Recently I have installed measures for reducing water waste (tap areators) how can I add the icons for this measure in my strucuture page?
A: Simply go to your Managers corner, insert your username and password and activate the checkbox for the additional category in your personal area. To get your Managers corner, click HERE.

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