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By joining mondeco, managers of green places to visit-or-stay will improve the visibility of their business and their web-proposal.
Mondoeco is a platform Web 2.0, with dynamic pages addressing information of relevance to businesses and consumers. Our network focuses on the interaction between tourism, nature and culture as the basis for sustainable development, a truly innovative approach on international scale.


Promoting your business in a network devoted to the sustainble development of tourism-nature-culture.
Mondoeco is a modern and attractive web platform 2.0. We are among a few web-sites acting as a blog  as well as a searching engine for green rural tourism, agritourism, bed and breakfast, guest-house and catering. In addition to news on environmental sustainability, socio-cultural development of Territories and green-tourism, we also provide the geography of their distribution. So that, people interested in reading our news and in posting our community, will happen to find your business too.

Increasing number of visits and contacts
In partnership with Blogs, Universities and Utilities, and using social media networks, we are able to apply a model of viral communication, and to reaching thousads of users.

In addition, using different maps, we display the geo-position of 1) green places to visit-or-stay, 2) sites of naturalistic interest, 3) sites for events that focus on culture and landscape. The different maps are overlapping, so that, people interested in travelling for nature or culture will happen to find your business too.

Ranking based on your eco-feelings.
Based on number and type of green features applied to your business and on the feedback posted by visitors, your place to visit-or-stay will be given a higher visibility on the map. 

Joining up with an electronic contract for a quick displaying.
We give you the chance to subscribe with a few clicks for a quick displaying of your business, and to helping us in saving paper.

Increasing visibility through a sophisticated ranking strategy.



Based on this option, managers of sites to visit or stay, adopting at least 2 green features
, are allowed to display their own site on mondoeco and to provide:
1. Formal and email addresses
2. A representative image
3. A short description


SPECIAL - annual fee, 19 euro
This is the way to better promote your business and to gain higher visibility! 


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