About mondoeco

Mondoeco is a young and dynamic network devoted to communication, tourism, culture and nature, that provides a map of green destinations meant as natural, cultural and anthropologic ecosystems. In particular, we are interested in those destinations in which the interaction between tourism, nature and culture promotes low input systems based on:

  • Environmental sustainability, in terms of protection of the nature-culture relation.
  • Socio-cultural sustaiability, in terms of promotion of local communities and identities.
  • Technical sustainability, in terms of application of low-input based systems.
  • Economic sustainability, in terms of re-development, and re-organizing.

Mondoeco is not a brand, it's a green network, it does not provide eco-certification, it draws an area of belonging, in which visitors interested to the principles of sustainability end eco-tourism can address their search for:

  • Sites of responsible tourism.
  • Sites of Community Importance in terms of biodiversity (especially those belonging to the networks Natura 2000 and Biosphere Reserves).
  • Cultural events that focus on the relation culture-environmnet-landscape.

As a social network and a partner of communication platforms promoting sustainable tourism or ecological behaviour, we reach many people that share these ecological beliefs and interests. So that, by joining mondoeco you will indirectly interact with all these people and be visible for a large community. 
Every people who shares our vision and would like to become a part of our growing network is welcome to join. For sure, even without joining directly there are options to interact with us, by posting in our community mondocafè, by reading our RSS-Feed or becoming a partner in our network.

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