Greater visibility

Managers interested in gaining a greater visibility for their own site to visit or stay, may subscribe to Mondoeco with the SPECIAL OPTION, under a payment of an annual fee at only 19,- euro.


1. To get a Special icon BLUE colored, corresponding to the geo-position on the the maps, and giving a higher visibility as compared to the Standard icons.

2. To get an even more visible icon, Green colored, based on number of eco-features applied.

3. To display your own site to visi or stay (including the name, the address, the telephone and fax numbers, link and the e-mail address).

4. To insert up to 16 pictures to show your own site.

5. To display a detailed descriprion of your own site in 4 languages including the proximity to parks or to protected areas.

6. To display all eco-friendly requirements adopted in your site among those listed in the section “Green-features”.

7. To display a guestbook.

8. To benefit a ranking system based on the feedback by your guests.

9. To display 6 news per year ragarding activities with your site.

10. To display your site in a more detailed map.

11. To get your site indexed for a greater visibility.

12. To display your site for one year by date of subsciption.

The following screen-shots will be comparing how visible is your site on Mondoeco in terms of icons and information on the associated card, based on the option you choose.
The Special Option allows a higher visibility to your site as compared to the Standard Option.


ORANGE or VIOLET Icon with standard visibility on the map.
The following card will be displayed when you click.

SPECIAL REGISTRATION (annual fee of 19 euro)

BLU or GREEN Icon for a higher visibility on the map.
The following card will be displayed when you click.








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