Mondo Green

Ecotourism, Ecotravel, Green-dining: a contradiction?

Every step towards unnecessary mobility, long distance travel, or even flying brings costs to the environment. We see ecotravelling as a kind of tourism in which managers and travellers already take measures to minimising such impact by choosing her or his destination intelligently.

Mondoeco mainly underlines the energetic impact and its compensation, however, it is clear that ecotravel does and should include many other aspects. E.g. the use of local market, seasonal food products or at least from fairtrade derived, a sustainable use of resources or waste treatment, protection of local environment and ecosystems and last but not least the education and sensibilsation of employees for such measures. 

This is why we mean to display sites from rural context, above all. Sites where people from cities or urban areas actively spread out in search of "nature" even when there is no ecological or sustainable context to it.

We mean rural tourism and farmstay tourism as tourism related to sites where managers and owners try to mimimise their impact on the environment and - from an agricultural point of view - continously seek to improve nutrient cycling. Furthermore, those sites support the ecological networks from a plant and animal perspective and counteract the landscape defragmentation.

Mondoeco is for all dynamic travellers, on their own, with their family or with their friends, that look for places where to find integrated relational tourism, in which the integration between cultural wealth, redevelopment policy and tourism, can promote economic growth in locol regions, and the rebirth of a conscious awareness of belonging to the area.

In three words: green and fair living.

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