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The great biodiversity is one of the main features of the ecosystem of the Lago de Sanabria Natural Park. Woods of oaks coexist with birches, willows, hollies and yews along with large extensions of scrubland. The abundance of lagoons, sources and streams allows the existence of peat bogs, a rarity in these latitudes. The fauna is varied: roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus), wolf (Canis lupus), partridge (Perdix perdix), golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), otter (Lutrinae) and trout are some of the numerous species found in the park which are protected by law since...
As serras de Aire e Candeeiros são o mais importante repositório das formações calcárias existente em Portugal e esta é a razão primeira da sua classificação como Parque Natural. Morfologia cársica, natureza do coberto vegetal, a rede de cursos de água subterrâneos, uma fauna específica, nomeadamente cavernícola, e intensa actividade no domínio da extracção da pedra são outros tantos aspectos que o diploma classificatório tenta preservar e...
Aargauer Auenpark - Switzerland - Rüfenach
The Alluvial Site Protection Park Aargau connects the remaining parts of the once large-scale floodplains along the Aare, Reuss, Limmat and the Rhine resulting in a more than 14 km2 area. The alluvial parc offers a waste network of trails along river landscapes.
Abant Lake Park - Turkey - Mudurnu
Abant lake surrounded by dense pine forests, Abant lake is fresh water lake is 1320 metres above sea level, with an area of 1.28 square kilometres and its lowest point is 18 m. A special fish species only seen in this region,it is Abant trout it is special is an endemic subspecies brook trout, Salmo trutta abanticus of the lake(Abant Alasi).If you like fishing there is small fee for fishing.In the forests around the lake offer an ideal habitat for deer, and special wildlife. Black Pine trees, Scots pine trees, oak trees, willow trees, hazelnuts and Strawberry trees are among the tree...
Abbotts Hall Farm - Network Natura 2000 - United Kingdom - West Mersea
Abbotts Hall Farm links together over 3,000 acres of wildlife-rich land along a 25 km stretch of the Essex coast.  The farm is situated on the Blackwater Estuary, an internationally important area for wildlife.  The 700 acre farm shows how sustainable coastal defences can lead to the creation of coastal marshes which are vital for the future of both wildlife and people.  This is a working farm where Essex Wildlife Trust is aiming to show how wildlife can flourish alongside profitable farming.  Natura 2000 site.
Aggtelek National Park - Hungary - Aggtelek National Park
The Aggtelek National Park is situated in the north-eastern part of Hungary. It is the first national park in the country which was primarily created for protecting geomorphological formations;. surface karst phenomena and caves. It is also rich in cultural and natural values.  
This Natura 2000 site looks after the management of floodplain graaslands via mowing on over 1000 ha., monitoring and surveillance over key spawning grounds for fish, regulation of movement in sensitive areas, development of tourism facilities, etc.
Alonnisos Park - Greece - Alonnisos
The National Marine Park of Alonnisos Northern Sporades was the first designated Marine Park in the country and is currently the largest marine protected area in Europe (approximately 2.260 Km2 ). Besides the sea area, the Park includes Alonnisos, six smaller islands (Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Gioura, Psathura, Piperi and Skantzoura), as well as 22 uninhabited islets and rocky outcrops. The area is of scientific, educational and culture interest, as a result of discoveries of both archaeological and historical monuments on the island, dating from the prehistoric, classical and Byzantine...
Am Stettiner Haff - Germany - Ueckermünde
The Nature Parc "Am Stettiner Haff" is situated In the north-east of the country, in close proximity to the Republic of Poland. It is characterized primarily by the natural unspoilt sections of Haffküste and Haffwiesen, vast forest complexes of Ueckermünder Heide, the Uecker-Randow and lowlands and the mountains Brohm. Worthwhile trips are e.g. the "Ukranenland" in Torgelow with reconstructed houses and ships from the Slavic period as well as the Botanical Gardens in Christiansberg.
Ambition - The Netherlands - Amsterdam
AMBITION - Amphibian Biotope Improvement in the Netherlands, ia a project focusing on the realisation of habitat improvement for threatened species in the easetrn region of the Netherlands.
Arboretum Aubonne - Switzerland - Aubonne
The Arboretum of Aubonne is a quite unique botanical garden exposing many tree species, it also contains large extensively managed grass surfaces. A huge insect diversity can be found as well. Last but not least, Aubonne is a very pittoresque small village which is worth visiting.
Archipelago Sea - Network Natura 2000 - Åland Islands - Brändö
The islands and islets (mostly granite) have been smoothened by continental ice. Between the islands long open sea areas and bays have formed in the numerous fracture zones of the bedrock. The human impact is an inseparable part of the Archipelago. Already during pre-historic times, the rich archipelago flora and fauna offered several alternative food sources for the first inhabitants of Finland after the Ice Age. Through repeated immigrations from the west in the Mid-dle Ages (1000-1300 AD) the people in the area are mainly of Swedish origin. Thus 80% of the people in the area are speaking...
Il Parco e l'Area marina protetta ricadono interamente nel territorio di Alghero. Il Parco ha inizio a sud-est con la laguna del Calich per proseguire verso la costa, includendo il sistema del Monte Doglia, fino all’ampio golfo di Porto Conte che è protetto dai promontori di Punta Giglio e Monte Timidone-Capo Caccia. L'area marina protetta abbraccia il prospiciente tratto di mare, fino alla Punta Cristallo a nord-ovest. Il golfo di Porto Conte (il “porto delle ninfe” dei romani) è uno dei tratti di costa più belli dell’isola e per questo...
Nell’Area Marina Protetta “Penisola del Sinis - Isola di Mal di Ventre” Da Su Siccu, verso l'estremità nel Golfo di Oristano, il paesaggio lagunare presenta una lingua sabbiosa che separa lo stagno di Mistras dal Mare Morto; dal promontorio di Capo San Marco il litorale diviene roccioso per poi degradare nel Mare Vivo, a San Giovanni di Sinis, e risalire con le pareti a falesia di Seu. Verso nord la costa si presenta con basse scogliere e lunghi arenili sabbiosi di quarzo, come Mai Moni, Mari Ermi e Is Aruttas, con cordoni dunali lungo il retroterra, coperto da una...
Atzmännig Snowshoetrail - Switzerland - Goldingen
In the Atzmännig area you'll find two marked snowshoe-trails, both are suitable for beginners.  Route 1: Atzmännig Top station -Chrüzegg-Atzmännig Base station Lenght: 7 km / Hiking time 3 - 4 hours approx. Route 2: Atzmännig Top station-Altschwand-Atzmännig Base station Lenght: 3,5 km / Hiking time 1,5 - 2 hours approx.
Avalon Wilderness Reserve - Canada - Aquaforte
The Avalon Wilderness Reserve contains prime habitat for waterfowl, pitcher plants (the Province's floral emblem) and—in the woods—lichen known as "old man's beard." In addition to the caribou herd, the wildlife you might encounter there include moose, willow ptarmigan (known locally as "partridge"), and in the rivers, brook and brown trout, smelt, and landlocked salmon. Six scheduled salmon rivers have part or all of their drainage systems in the reserve—the Renews, Biscay Bay, Peter's, North Arm and Salmonier Rivers, and Northwest Brook. The reserve is...
Babia Góra National Park - Poland - Sucha County
Babia Góra is the highest peak of Western Beskidy. It is a homogeneous and isolated massif running along parallels. Characteristic, recognizable even from afar shape of the mountain with steep northern slopes, and flattened on large areas southern slopes is a result of the geological structure of the massif. Natural value of Babia Góra is very high, not only in the scale of Poland, but also from the international point of view. Due to this fact, it can be said that this area is triply protected: according to the Polish legislation it has a status of a national park, UE...
Babiogórski National Park - Poland - Bieszczady County
Babiogórski National Park protects the main part of Babia Góra massif (1725), the highest peak in the Western Beskidy mountains. Primary divide separating the ridge of Babia Góra. Since the mountain is relatively high above the sea level, there are a total of five vegetation levels at Babia Góra, including the foothills, lower and upper hihg-mountain level, mountain pine and alpine. There are over 700 types of vascular plants at Babia Góra, including a number of rare species. The park symbol is a magnificient Laserpitium archangelica, which in Poland is...
Bagna Izbickie Nature Reserve - Poland - słupski
 Bagna Izbickie spread over flat land. Seemingly there are ordinary meadows, not even worth visiting. Moreover, just beside we can find the Slowinski National Park so that Bagna Izbickie are overshadowed by this giant. However there are a few reasons to pay attention to this place. It was these particular values which made Bagna Izbickie one of the Sites of Community Importance within European Ecological Natura 2000 Network. The site encompasses areas very valuable in terms of nature - complexes of Atlantic moors with cross-leaved heath, transitional-peaty communities, bushes of...
Bagna Rozwarowskie - Network Natura 2000 - Poland - Gmina Kamień Pomorski
Bagna Rozwarowskie is one of refuges established in order to protect aquatic warbler - bird species in danger of extinction worldwide. Only quick protective steps shall help to preserve a very small population of the species, which in the West Pomerania region occur on the edge of its range. The refuge encompasses a fragment of marshy valley of the Grzybinca river estuary to Zatoka Cicha (the Silent Bay) which is a part of Zalew Kamienski (the Kamien Lagoon). The landscape is dominated by a river valley of little diverse land formation, cut by numerous drainage ditches. Within the refuge...
Baie de l'Aiguillon - Network Natura 2000 - France - L'Aiguillon-sur-Mer
La Baie de l’Aiguillon est donc à l’interface de deux écosystèmes : l’écosystème marin du Pertuis Breton et l’agro-écosystème du Marais Poitevin. Cette situation donne lieu à la confrontation des eaux continentales et marines, qui permet la mise en place de formations biologiques typiques des milieux estuariens ou des golfes fermés à la sédimentation très active.  Natura 2000 site.
One of the great attractions of this park is its highly varied landscape. Its vegetation is influenced by its location between two large regions of European flora: the Eurosiberian, in the Atlantic province; and the Mediterranean in the Carpetan-Leonese province. For this reason the vegetation alternates between the broadleaf forests characteristic of humid climate zones, and evergreen forests. The inhabitants of the area use the land for grazing and producing fodder, in rotation with rye crops. 
Bajo Cinca y La Litera - Spain - Fraga
Esta ruta conecta dos museos próximos, poniéndolos en relación con los paisajes humanizados y los modos de vida del entorno que han dado origen a sus piezas. Recorre dos comarcas del sureste de la provincia de Huesca, muy poco frecuentadas por el turismo masivo, que, sin embargo, deparan interesantes sorpresas naturales y arquitectónicas. Los desérticos llanos de Cardiel, con su mesetas arcillosas que sirvieron como escenario a numerosos spaguetti westerns, la insospechada riqueza vegetal de la Serreta Negra o las intrincadas orografías de la serra...
Balaton - Hungary - Balatonszemes
An old dream of the Hungarian nature conservation came true in 1997: a protected ecological system embracing the adjoining area of the Balaton Uplands was established with the connection of the already protected areas which had been separate for a long time. The area of 56 997 hectares of the Balaton Uplands National Park mainly consists of these six landscape protection areas. Among its regions Kis-Balaton is also protected by the international Ramsar Convention, serving the protection of wetland habitats. Tihany Peninsula - as a recognition of its outstanding geological values and the work...
Bavarian Forest - Germany - Zwiesel
The capercaillie has also found a last resort within the Bavarian Forest. The heraldic bird of the Nature Park lives in the extended forests along the German- Czech border. Flora and fauna make the Arber region into one of the most valuable sites in the Nature Park. The summit of the Arber is a last refuge for plant remnants from the last ice-age outside the Alps and the tundra. Examples are the rock bent (Agrostis rupestris) and the parsley fern (Cryptogramma crispa). In addition to the severely endangered moorplants found there, the white backed woodpecker lives in the original forests...
Berchtesgaden National Park - Germany - Berchtesgaden
The high mountain landscapes of Berchtesgaden National Park display an unusual diversity of habitats: nearly all vegetation zones from the mid-latitudes to the polar circle with their typical plant and animal species are present here.
Beskayalar Natural Park - Turkey - İzmit
The area of Beskaralar has a great scientific and educational importance because of the species of plants in the valleys. The 2500 hectares of forest surrounding the Sicakdere and Kirazdere rivers provide great trekking routes, and has many features to offer for a good sightseeing. The name Beskaralar, meaning Five Rocks, comes from the high rocks at the point where the rivers join. In the area, the vast selection of plant species includes black pine, badger tree, fir, beech, oak, hornbeam, silver birch, elm, lime, chestnut, ash, poplar, hellebore, plane, hazelnut, alder, cherry, black...
Beskids Landscape Park - Poland - Żywiec County
Little Beskids Landscape Park (Park Krajobrazowy Beskidu Małego) is a protected area (Landscape Park) in southern Poland, established in 1998, covering an area of 257.7 square kilometres (99.5 sq mi). It lies within the Little Beskids mountain range. Its highest peak is Czupel, at 933 metres (3,061 ft). The Park is shared between two voivodeships: Silesian and Lesser Poland. 
Beskydy PLA - Czech Republic - Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Beskydy PLA was  designated for its unique natural  treasures, especially indigenous primeval forests with rare Carpathian fauna and flora, rich diversity of meadow coenosis, unique surface and also underground pseudokarstic phenomena and exceptional aesthetic qualities and diversity of rare landscape type shaped by man in coexistence with nature. The importance of Beskydy PLA is underlined by 42 small-scale protected areas designated on its territory,  by an extensive conservation area of natural water accumulation and last but not least  by its supraregional recreational...
Białowieża Forest - Poland - Gmina Białowieża
Białowieża Forest is a forest complex covering the area of 150 000 ha located on the both sides of the Polish-Belorussian border. Western part, situated in Poland, covers the area of 62 500 ha; eastern part, situated in Belarus, covers the area of 87 500 ha – and constitutes "Bieławieżskaja Puszcza" National Park. Luckily, the Białowieża Forest was protected as a royal hunting ground, and in 19th century as a hunting ground of Tsar, and due to that fact was under special protection – e.g. it was not subject to so called...
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