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Welcome to Mondoeco, dear visitors of the advent calendar on-line for sustainable development!

How to find winter activities as sustainable as possible?
How to filter at the same time more options: the choice of destination, the proximity to sites of natural and cultural heritage, the type of accommodation, and good management in terms of daily practices?

In Mondoeco you can overlay and compare these options when you choose a destination and accommodation. We support travelers in search of destinations based on the interaction between nature, culture and sustainable tourism characterized by:

  • Environmental sustainability, in terms of respect and protection in the context of the nature / culture.
  • Socio-cultural sustainability, in terms of respect, appreciation of local identities, and integration with the local population
  • The technical viability, in terms of efficient energy systems with regard to energy saving and resource
  • Economic sustainability, in terms of reuse and recycling.

Your choice can be made ​​not only based on the destination. As for the accommodations, in fact, a key role is played by the consumption of electricity and supply of heating / cooling. A parity target energy consumption relative to a certain accomadation can vary from 36 kWh per day to over 100 kWh per day. A coherent use of energy saving measures can be very effective especially when it is coupled to the supply of renewable energy. The traveler can in this way make a good choice of tourist destination pair them choose the accommodation more virtuous.

Accomodations sensitive to these issues and who are committed to the sustainable use of resources can also be found in mountainous areas. Here are some examples:

Hotel Bietschhorn, Kippel  Hotel du Pillon, Ormont-Dessus Gite de Flagustelle, Verdaches
  Hotel Alpina, Pinzolo Antico Maso la Corte degli Elfi, Col di Lana  Gite des silves, Seyne


Mondoeco wishes you a pleasant winter and a great success especially to those who opt to hit targets for environmental and social quality with us for 2013.

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