Rules for managers

Mondoeco supports a network, green and fair, based on the sensibility of both managers and visitors that will meet each-other in this network, as they share common ecofriendly values.

Members of Mondoeco are environmentally friendly and sensitive to issues of sustainability, and they apply standard ecofriendly measures in their own sites, especially in terms of energy efficiency. In order to join Mondoeco (free or fee), Managers of rural tourism, agritourism, bed and breakfast, guest-houses, hostels, catering services, gastro-tourism, are requested to applay at least 2 green-features out of the 7 categories listed below:

Energy saving
Water saving
Energy efficiency
Renewable energy
Recycling – resources

We will not supply eco-certifications, and we do not carry out expensive inspections for the application of measures required. The evaluation of places to visit-or-stay in terms of conformity/difformity relies on the opinion by customers and visitors which can post on the internal community, mondocafè, about places, people, hospitality and coherence of the managers. So that, the feedback by your guest will be the ranking for your site. This is our idea of green and fair network based on principles of sustainability and participation.

Neverthelss, managers that apply international or local standards of sustainability are welcome as well, and they can also gain visibility on our network, based on their undertaking and eco-friendliness.

At the same time, we like to give space to managers of small, familiar or far away sites to visit or to stay, supporting sustainable-oriented activities from their land. By joining mondoeco, remote sites are given the chance to be visible to a large community, as well as well known sites, at most fair conditions.

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